What is computational thinking?

Computational thinking is teaching your brain to problem-solve using a series of ordered steps.

This is an active learning workshop.

That means learning by doing -- no desks, no memorization!


Computational thinking (CT) is the thought process involved in describing a process or system in such a way that a computer - human or machine - can effectively simulate or model it.



Evolution in Action! listens to what kids want when it comes to learning. Join us for some fun exercises that will open your mind to the interconnected world. When the exercises are over, this stuff will just make sense or leave you scratching your head with some seriously interesting questions. Check out the Activities page for more info!


CT is essential to the development of computer applications, but it’s relevant to a lot more subjects than computer science. CT can be used to support problem solving across all academic disciplines. Students who learn CT begin to see a relationship between subjects across the curriculum.