August 2016

We are looking for local summer camps to bring our workshop to before the summer ends. If your camp is interested in our workshop email us at

Evolution in Action! is coming soon to Facebook and Twitter!


July 2016

Making arrangement to kick off our event in Denver at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Denver Tech Center. Sign up by July 10 to join in on the fun! Email us at to register


June 2016

Event sign-up begins! Deadline for release forms is July 10, 2016. To get signed up mail us at:

GECCO 2016, Denver event poster and webpage has been sent out to local computer science camps.


May 2016

Evolution in Action! webpage goes LIVE!


March 2016

Event space for Evolution in Action! has been confirmed with the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Denver Tech center!


January 2016

Evolution in Action! has been approved by GECCO 2016, Denver chairs to be featured at the conference in July.


December 2015

Evolution in Action! pilots at Charlestown High.